Ahmed's Journey

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Description:"My name is Ahmed Mirreh. I was born in Khamis Mashed in Saudi Arabia. I stayed there for 6 years. In 1989 civil war was in Somalia. My parents emigrated to Holland. There was at that moment no other choice than to go to a western country for our safety. We arrived 1989 in September in a small town in Holland. I started primary school in Eersel. We were the first black people/citizens in the town. I remember the first days in the school- all the pupils in the class were looking to me all the time and were asking and touched my skin.
When I finished the primary I went to a secondary school. The last year of my secondary school I finished in my home country. My father and me went to Somaliland to learn the culture, language, to see the rest of the family. After one year we went back to Holland and I started to study civil engineering in the best university - Delft - in Holland. For two years my life as a student in Delft was a nice one. I saw for the first time lots of students from different countries together in a class room who were all excited to rebuild their homelands. In late September 2003 I arrived in Birmingham."

"This is me - Ahmed Mirreh - at one of the hostels I work at."

"This is the story of my journey."