Chattock Close Working Girls' Hostel, Hodge Hill

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Date:1965 - 1966 (c.)

Description:Mirroring the working boys’ homes in Duchess Road, the Children’s Committee decided that they would like very similar premises for two new hostels for working girls. The Committee did not, however, want them to be adjoining as was the case with the Duchess Road hostels.

They settled on buildings on Chattock Close and Hillmount Close and opened both in 1965 with accommodation for four girls in each.

Like Duchess Road, the working girls’ homes at Chattock Close and Hillmount Close were not purpose-built but were Council-owned houses adapted to suit a hostel.

These two homes were very short-lived however. In 1966, Chattock Close was replaced by Milton Grange, on Handsworth Wood Road, which had been adapted for use as a working girls’ home.

Image: A promotional shot used by Birmingham's children's Department in 1967. At this stage, the Birmingham Children's Homes project does not have any photographs of this children's home.
Source: This history was compiled by the Birmingham Children's Homes Project, an initiative to explore Birmingham City Council-run children’s homes between 1949 and 1990.