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Advertisements in Edgbastonia Magazine

This page from Edgbastonia offers clothing from head to toe: milliners Emilie Maison Francaise, ladies tailor Robert Speerli and Hodges bootmakers.

Chinese Bakery, Sparkbrook

Photograph by Terry Lo.

Chinese Bakery, Sparkbrook

Photograph by Terry Lo.

Cocoa - The Story of its Cultivation, illustrated by Frank Newbould

Frank Newbould’s designs for Cocoa: the Story of its Cultivation, were in a bold graphic style. He used vibrant colours to illustrate some of the key stages in cocoa cultivation, from harvesting through ...

Dress by M. & E. Abbott

This striking dress in yellow trimmed with black velvet was made by M. & E. Abbott of 65 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, in 1896. However, we can't be sure exactly how it looked when it left the dressmakers. ...

TASCoS Box of Bicarbonate of Soda

Ten Acres and Stirchley Co-operative Society [TASCoS] The carton for bicarbonate of soda was purchased from the TASCoS chemist in Stirchley. Also known as baking soda, this key ingredient in bread ...

The Chinese in Birmingham

Photograph by Terry Lo.

The Corner Shop, Black Country - Gallery 1

The Corner Shop is a social history project charting the changing nature of small shops in the Black Country over the past 60 years. In addition to this presence on the Internet by the Connecting ...

The Corner Shop, Black Country - Gallery 2

For over many decades now small shops have been adapting to changing circumstances to survive and to meet the needs of new communities. The inspiration behind this shop front collection of images ...

The Corner Shop, Black Country - Gallery 3

The Corner Shop site-specific promenade theatre performance was based on new research conducted with Black Country shopkeepers, their families and customers undertaken by community members. In autumn ...

The Great Western Arcade

Image: Old and New Birmingham by R.K Dent, 1880. Birmingham Central Library, Local Studies and History.

The Montserrat Company

Image: an advertisement of the Montserrat Lime Juice Company. Joseph Sturge was a nineteenth century antislavery campaigner living in Birmingham. Near the end of his life, he created a free labour ...


Originally captioned 'The Great Gate leading into the Arab Town. Tunis.' From the collection of Sir Benjamin Stone.


'The Square at the Gate entrance to Old Town, Tunis.' From the collection of Sir Benjamin Stone.

Watercolour depicting Harvesting Cocoa Pods, by Jeanne Borde

Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery’s collections include artwork associated with Cadbury during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The earliest images are a group of watercolours produced ...

Watercolour of Cutting Pods, by Frank Newbould

The final group of images depicting cocoa plantations associated with Cadbury in the early twentieth century are by the artist Frank Newbould. During the 1920s and 1930s, Newbould was commissioned on ...

Women's Hat

By the beginning of the First World War, women’s hats had assumed gigantic proportions. The corsets fashionable at the time tended to push the body forward at the bust and out at the rear; a large hat ...